Vehicle Tracking and Total Fuel Control

Data with more than 99% accuracy;

up to 40% savings on fuel costs

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iTrack Tachograph System

One second download-time;

avoiding official fines

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GPS tracking and foreign minimum wage calculation

iTrack Vizsla solutions for the Austrian, Italian, German, French minimum wage calculation.

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Fleet tracking

E-waybill, tax authority standard fuel correction,

pool car booking system, driving style analysis.

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Tracking system

iTrack tracking system for fleet service:

accurate data, reports, statements.

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GPS tracking

Live tracking, route replay, e-toll-declaration,

mobile application, reports, Vizsla.

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Innovative tracking solutions

for fleets, carriers, machinery.

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Online tracking

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Fuel control

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iTrack Vizsla

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Our offers

Basic Free

3.000 HUF/ month

iTrack GPS
Tracking Services
iTrack Client Program
Driver Identification
Route statistics
Route registry
iTrack Vizsla functions
iTrack Go

Entry cost 0 HUF

Tracking on mobile application
Device price 0 HUF
Installation cost 7.000 HUF
1.990 HUF + VAT/month
3 years loyalty
UD Comfort

2.490 HUF /month

iTrack GPS
E-Toll Monitoring Device
E-Toll Legal Assistance
iTrack Client Program
Tracking Services

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