iTrack ContiPressureCheck – tire pressure monitoring

iTrack ContiPressureCheck

Tire pressure monitoring

A tire pressure checking tool developed by ContitentalTM, complemented by an iTrack service developed by iData for this particular product.

By using iTrack ContiPressureCheck (CPC), operating costs can be reduced. You can continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature data. If pressure in the tires begins to drop, then both the driver (via the display placed in the cabin) and the fleet manager immediately receive a warning, which prevents more serious damage.

You can monitor tire condition remotely, receiving continuous feedback about vehicle positions, driver work, and can get data about your fleet that make decision-making and control easier. You can receive alerts about deviations.

Why is tire pressure monitoring important?

What are the advantages?

  • increase in tire lifetime
  • fuel saving
  • cost saving, increase in work time and efficiency
  • minimization of operating costs, and costs of international towing
  • accident prevention
  • goods protection, personal protection
  • tire pressure drop alarm in case of puncture
  • reduction in emissions
  • prevention of abnormal surface wear

The system enables huge savings on operating costs, up to EUR 1500 per vehicle per year.*

*3-axled semitrailer, 4*2 tractor truck that runs 150 thousand km a year, calculated at a fuel price of EUR 1 / liter.

iTrack ContiPressureCheck

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“On average, 12% of the vehicles taking part in commercial transportation are driven at a lower tire pressure than specified, and in most cases – primarily due to lack of proper control –, pressure drop is continuous. This account for more than 90% of punctures.

If pressure in the tire is too high, then it wears faster than designed, or at a n uneven rate. This also results in earlier than expected tire change. In case of companies operating larger fleets, these problems could increase costs by millions of forints, thereby deteriorating profit.”

iTrack ContiPressureCheck

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