Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have an OBU in order to use the e-toll system?

It is not necessary according to the law. Nevertheless, similarly to most GPS companies, we offer our service only together with this feature because it is in our common interest that the driver can make sure that a ticket has been purchased and that they may also purchase a ticket in case of any error. This way we can jointly avoid any penalty.

Is it possible to use the display connected to the GPS tracking device in more than one vehicle?

No, one display can be used only in one motor vehicle which must be registered on the website If the vehicle is sold or the on-board unit is not used for any other reason, please, report it to your Declaration Agent and modify the details of your motor vehicle that were registered on the National Toll Payment Services (NÚSZ) website.

What does the display show?

Using color LEDs, the display indicates whether you have sufficient funds (green), your funds are running out (yellow) or you have no coverage (red) on your e-toll account. Also a LED (green for OK) indicates to the driver that the system works properly. Section ticket purchases are confirmed with a beep and you can set the number of axles using the buttons on the screen. The device indicates the error with a beep and a red signal light. A blue light indicates that there is adequate GSM connection.  You can find all other relevant details concerning indicators in the user’s manual that is delivered to each customer together with the on-board unit.

I would like to buy an UD Flexi package / cigarette lighter OBU. How can I do it?

The cigarette lighter OBU and the corresponding webcontrol service can be ordered in the webshop at Delivery is ongoing.

How does this whole system work?

You can read more about the e-toll system and our service here:

Does the credit limit that I top up relate to a company fleet or to a single vehicle?

It is possible to pay for all vehicles in the fleet of the company from one single account but you can also open sub-accounts and assign any number of vehicles to each of them. For instance you can assign to different accounts your vehicles travelling within your home country and those travelling abroad.

Who do you have to make a contract with?

The National Toll Payment Services Plc as well as with a GPS service provider as Declaration Agent.

What happens if the on-board unit does not work?

In case of a system error or other defects which cannot be identified by the customer, the on-board unit indicates the error to the driver with sound and light signals.

Is road usage promptly reported to the NTPS?

Yes, route tickets are continuously purchased during road usage which qualifies at the same time as declaration of  road usage. There may be some minor (1–2 minute) or major (some hours) delay but the system records these data and subsequently uploads the relevant information to the NTPS.

What is my customer code?

The customer code can be found in the buyer field in the top right corner of the invoice.

Why do you need a declaration agent?

Declaration agents are usually companies that provide fleet tracking services and their participation in the toll system is necessary in order to meet the declaration obligation.

What can you do if the toll was erroneously deducted?

If you find any problem concerning the deduction of the toll, please, report it under the menu item ‘Report Errors’ in Webcontrol, and we will investigate your problem.

How is it verified that customers pay the toll for using the road?

There are 74 fix-mounted checkpoints, 45 mobile control vehicles and 50 penalty cars all along the toll road network.

Can I change the number of axles?

You can change the number of axles on the OBU on the vehicle, on Webcontrol as well as on the website When registering the individual vehicles with the NTPS, you can select how you would like this setting to be modified. The axle number must be determined on the basis of the number of axles fitted on the motor vehicle regardless of whether all tyres contact the road during the trip or not.

I forgot my PIN code, where can I find it?

The six-digit PIN code you provided during your registration on WebControl as well as all the other data provided during registration can be checked in the Settings item in the scroll-down menu under the gear in the top menu of WebControl.