E-toll connection

E-toll connection with GPS

Who needs to pay the E-toll?

The system of electronic toll payment proportional to the distance travelled (HU-GO) was introduced in Hungary on 1st July 2013.  Trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating above 3.5 tons are obliged to pay the toll.

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How to connect to the E-toll system?

  1. Through pre-purchased route tickets (section tickets) that can be bought at gas stations, and on the Internet (planned).
  2. Cigarette lighter-powered OBUs (UD Flexi package)
  3. On-board units of service providers dealing with car pool monitoring and GPS tracking, as a declaration medium

What does the iTrack GPS E-toll service offer you?

  • Self-developed and self-produced, reliable Hungarian product.Together with the GPS, you get a display unit, which allows easy setting of the number of axles, LEDs and audio signals inform about operability and ticket validation, as well as about the sum on your account (enough, getting low, run out) Read more about the free iControl system that comes with the feedback unit here.
  • Accurate (read more about tracking here)
  • Additional Webcontrol service free of charge. Among others, Webcontrol service enables the monitoring of whether the driver set the number of axles, whether a ticket was bought (with estimated costs), and if the system is ready to operate.

Why is iTrack GPS E-toll service advantageous for you?

  • When designing and producing the E-toll service and the feedback unit, our chief goal was to create a system that helps you do your job safely by avoiding fines, and not having to spend a lot of excess energy on paying tolls.
  • The number of axles can be set on the device, as well as in the web-based background system, the WebControl interface. WebControl is a service that makes vehicle toll payment transparent by allowing you to easily check operation and payments. You can request summaries and Excel reports at the push of a button.
  • Those choosing this service receive a reliable, easy-to-use, and premium service a an affordable price.

How to connect to the E-toll system via iTrack GPS?

  • Use the form below to enter your data and request a quotation (no obligations included)
  • Our colleague will soon contact you and provide more information about GPS tracking and our packages, and if you require, they will personally demonstrate the services optimal for your company – free of charge
  • After we have received your official order, our colleagues will install the GPS units in your vehicles, together with the feedback unit.
  • You will receive the tracking software and the data required to log into the Webcontrol interface, you register you vehicle on the NÚSZ website, and you are ready to use the GPS for connecting to the toll system.

With the help of the GPS tracker, connecting to the system and paying the toll are not only comfort functions for transporters, but it also saves time, and is a solution easy to monitor and control. Transportation companies declaring e-toll via the on-board unit can register on www.hu-go.hu. Users can settle their liabilities by pre-payment, meaning that they need to wire money to the current account created during registration (and kept by the toll service provider, that is, NÚSZ) in advance. The funds on this account cover the use of roads subject to toll payment.

E-toll packages

If you are only interested in the simpler UD Flexi package (OBU+WebControl service powered from the cigarette lighter), you can order it from our partner here: ORDER NOW

Toll + GPS package offers at discount prices

Our package offers include GPS-based toll solutions with tracking and fuel consumption monitoring, or without tracking and other services, without a monthly fee.

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