Linda Szaladják was awarded at the Marketing Festival

Linda Szaladják was awarded at the Marketing Festival
2016-02-01 iData admin

Another success at iData

Linda Szaladják, marketing manager of iData Kft. received the prestigious professional recognition in individual expert category at the third Hungarian Marketing Festival. The recognition is given in two categories to an expert and a company who/that has significantly contributed to the development and assessment of the marketing profession during the last year, as well as had an influence on the development of small and medium sized enterprises.

Linda Szaladják has been leading the marketing department of iData Kft. for 5 years, and has been working as an online marketing expert and a Google Adwords advertising specialist at her own agency for 3 years. She gives speeches on a regular basis at national professional events, gives courses and has held her own training course at Corvinus University. She gave a speech to nearly a hundred people at the event on one of her specialities, the remarketing campaigns, which have become one of the most efficient online marketing tools today, since it enables us to target those who have already visited the website with unique advertisements.
Szaladják Linda előadása a Google AdWordsről és a remarketingről szólt.

The lecture by Linda Szaladják was about Google AdWordsről and remarketing.

For iData Kft., the manufacturer and distributor of the iTrack GPS Tracking System, it is highly significant to have employees who are renowned specialists in their fields, besides reaching a market leader position in tracking and road toll.
In 2015 iData received the “Marketing Active Company of the Year” main prize at the marketing competition of the Hungarian Marketing Association as an acknowledgement of its marketing activities. Besides, Linda Szaladják won a Google Award with her own agency last year. Speaking about her recent recognition she said:
“I am very lucky to have my hobby as my job, because when one does something they like, they can always achieve better results. Idata is more than a mere technologically innovative and dynamic company, it is the most outstanding workplace, since it is open to introducing new mentalities and solutions, and in my view this is an extremely strong background. My agency work has provided me with a thorough understanding of the small and medium-sized enterprises’ marketing from several perspectives. It is a great honour to me that I can play a role in making the marketing of these companies more result-oriented and efficient. I got into the world of online marketing over ten years ago and besides my own professional development I have always trained others. The award I received at the Hungarian Marketing Festival gives me a new impetus. I have many plans for the future and I could not even dream of a more inspiring start of the year.