Online tracking

Who is online tracking recommended for?

For those that would like to save money on their vehicle fleet operation!

GPS tracking and its related, customized services allow you to save up to 5-40% a year by introducing the iTrack GPS Tracking System.

Thanks to GPS-based, live satellite tracking, you can continuously monitor the movement of your motor vehicles. The user-friendly interface allows you to manage and optimize tasks on the fly. When developing the tracker software, we prioritized supporting easy organization.

Pillanatkép egy kiválasztott flotta helyzetéről

The verified maps provided by Hiszi Map and Teleatlas allow the displaying of actual vehicle position from any distance. Color-coded display makes everything clearly visible at once when glancing at the screen.

The map can be extended by the user’s own and their clients’ sites, as well as tasks to be performed, which makes it even faster and easier to organize jobs.

Easy to use, excellent map

With the help of iData’s own special map solutions, you are provided with a map much better than the Hungarian average, made more accurate by using data from several sources.

The map is very fast, and using it requires little data traffic (important when using mobile Internet). Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out; clicking a car’s icon will zoom on its position.

Managing groups

The car list of the tracking window comes with a search function that makes the tracking list easy to manage, even in case of large fleets.

Filtering is possible for

  • license plates
  • groups
  • driver names, etc.

Neat overview

In the tracking window, the system gives visual information about the most important parameters.

Közeli kép két jármű nyomkövetéséről

Who is online tracking recommended for?

The color of the circles around the cars on the map refer to their status:

  • Yellow: stationary, not in use.
  • Green: ignition on, moving.
  • Dark green: ignition on, not moving.
  • Blue arrow: travel direction with regard to the previous position.

The car icon colors also hold valuable information:

  • Blue: vehicle switched to private, icon showing the last position (with timestamp).
  • Orange: no GPS signal (last valid position is displayed).
  • Grey: no online connection with the car for a long time (last known position and timestamp).

The icons next to cars in the car list also hold valuable information:

  • Green tick: online connection active, latest information displayed on the map.
  • House: the car is inland
  • Red flag: the car is abroad

Easy to use

Ease of use is achieved by selecting cars in groups. An additional function has been developed to let all cars be put on / remove from the map.

Satellite image help

A separate option is to display a given point in Google Maps, which eliminates the need to copy coordinates manually.

Learn more about handing the map and its parameters!

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