GPS tracking for taxis

In case of taxis, apart from theft protection and route monitoring, door opening detection could also be useful. This lets you check if the vehicle was really empty, or the driver carried someone else. With the help of the iTrack GPS Tracking System, it is easier to organize the servicing of passengers, as you can always see the position of each vehicle.

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Our services

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Online tracking

Thanks to GPS-based, live satellite tracking, you can continuously monitor the position of your motor vehicles. The system features accurate positioning and is easy to use. Map display, and customizable services.

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Route registry

The route registry system is a part of GPS tracking, and makes it easier to control vehicles, avoids unnecessary costs due to private use, and the routes travelled by each vehicle can be displayed like a video.

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Theft protection

The iTrack GPS theft protection system helps prevent vehicle theft, so you can rest assured that your valuables are secure. Driver identification, immobilizer, engine blocking, monitoring capability.

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It is simple to monitor vehicle speed, and in case of exceeding the speed limit, the system sends and e-mail or SMS notification. This makes it possible to prevent heavy fines.

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ERP/CRM integration

The iTrack GPS Tracking System can be connected to any corporate management system, making it easier to transfer data and information.

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Mobile application

With the help of our iTrack Mobile free application, you can check your vehicles equipped with the iTrack GPS Tracking System on your smartphone.

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Invoicing and accounting

The GPS tracking system makes invoicing and accounting simple. No more comparisons of complicated tables.

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Attack signal button

Safety first! The attack signal button lets you signal when you are in danger, allowing our 24-hour dispatch service to act at once.

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An automated alarm message can be set for a given event (departure, arrival, etc.), reducing the loss of profit resulting from delays.

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Service monitoring

You can receive an automated warning if the vehicle equipped with the iTrack GPS Tracking System needs oil change, servicing, or if the charge in the accumulator drops.

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iTrack Live Vizsla

The idea behind our iTrack Live Vizsla service is that our system monitors incoming data 24 hours a day, and notifies you either in e-mail or in SMS if any kind of event occurs.

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WebService service

Our WebService service allows are partners to integrate the data provided by the iTrack GPS tracker server into their own systems, so the data can be processed the way they like.