Transportation companies

GPS tracking of transportation and logistic companies

GPS tracking is the answer if…

  • You would like to reduce costs related to your vehicle fleet.
  • You feel that too much fuel disappears at the company.
  • You do not have insight into the work of your drivers.
  • You suspect there are too many detours.
  • You are worried about the goods transported.
  • You would like to have more trust from your clients.

These are the issues that most transportation and logistic company managers face.

The iTrack GPS Tracking System could be a solution to your problems, which helps you decide and manage with confidence. Which branch do you represent?

The iTrack GPS Tracking System can be found in thousands of vehicles transporting goods, bulk products, industrial waste, sewage, frozen goods, or live animals.

Our services

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Online tracking

Thanks to GPS-based, live satellite tracking, you can continuously monitor the position of your motor vehicles. The system features accurate positioning and is easy to use. Map display, and customizable services.

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Route registry

The route registry system is a part of GPS tracking, and makes it easier to control vehicles, avoids unnecessary costs due to private use, and the routes travelled by each vehicle can be displayed like a video.

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iTrack Vizsla

Automated search engine that detects possible errors and suspicious cases, such as abuse. The system lists any deviations, and notifies you in either e-mail or in SMS so that you can react at once.

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Cargo door opening monitoring

You can receive a report and alarm in case of cargo hold door opening at an unauthorized location, securing not only your vehicle, but also your valuable goods. Premiere service for goods protection.

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Work activity monitoring

Working hours and work activity utilization monitoring with GPS tracking. AETR driving time, as well as the time required for minimal wage, introduced in some EU countries, can also be measured.

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Tire pressure monitoring

You can continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature data. If pressure in the tires begins to drop, then both the driver and the fleet manager immediately receive an immediate warning.

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Stopping at unauthorized locations

Our system sends you and e-mail or SMS notification if the vehicle stops at other locations than the predefined ones, so you do not have to monitor every single vehicle separately.

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Fuel low alarm

You can receive an immediate notification if abnormal fuel consumption is detected, enabling the prevention of abuse, but also helping in revealing technical issues.

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Fuel control

Our accurate fuel monitoring system checks fuel consumption with a 1% error margin, preventing and detecting any possible fuel theft, and you can monitor refueling, too.

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Protection of bulk goods

This function is important for companies transporting cement, concrete, grain, flour, and other bulk goods.

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Tilt count

The number of tilts can be registered, and operations at an unauthorized location are visible in order to avoid abuse.

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Trip count

The system calculates the number of trips between your POIs, even linked to work under load, eliminating abuse.

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WebService service

Our WebService service allows are partners to integrate the data provided by the iTrack GPS tracker server into their own systems, so the data can be processed the way they like.

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Goods protection and temperature

You can rest assured that the goods transported are safe, be it valuable cargo or frozen meat; the iTrack GPS Tracking System helps to clearly monitor the route and status of the cargo.

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Messaging terminal

The messaging terminal allows to significantly reduce the communication costs of international routes. Searchable, followable messages, simple interface, up to 90% savings.

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It is simple to monitor vehicle speed, and in case of exceeding the speed limit, the system sends and e-mail or SMS notification. This makes it possible to prevent heavy fines, and you can also save fuel.

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Truck drivers’ driving style analysis

Using our system, it takes only the push of a button to receive detailed statistics about brake utilization by your employees, gas pedal position, rpm distribution, and every data that can be acquired from your vehicles.

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Service monitoring

You can receive an automated warning if the vehicle equipped with the iTrack GPS Tracking System needs oil change, servicing, or if the charge in the accumulator drops under a certain level.

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Attack signal button

Safety first! The attack signal button lets you send a muted signal when your driver is in danger, allowing either you or our 24-hour dispatch service to act at once.

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Mobile application

The iTrack Mobile free application provides accurate information about your vehicles equipped with the tracking system even on your smartphone.

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ERP/CRM integration

The iTrack GPS Tracking System can be connected to any corporate management system, making it easier to transfer data and information.

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Foreign minimum wage calculation

Do you find it problematic to calculate foreign minimum wages? The minimum wage system by iTrack provides a straightforward and simple solution to this obligation that provides data in a transparent and organized manner.

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iTrack Tachograph System

Complete digital tachograph data acquisition and monitoring system that helps you monitor online the daily activities of drivers, making all information available automatically, enabling the prevention of fines, for instance.

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iTrack Live Vizsla

The idea behind our iTrack Live Vizsla service is that our system monitors incoming data 24 hours a day, and notifies you either in e-mail or in SMS if any kind of event occurs so that you can react at once.