GPS tracking of watercraft

The iTrack GPS Tracking System can be used to track ships, powerboats, jet-skis, yachts, and other watercraft. Although usually these vehicles are only used for a couple of weeks, their theft protection must be ensured all year round. GPS tracking provides a solution to this.

We offer several services depending on watercraft type. Ask for a personal demonstration, free from obligations.

Our services

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Online tracking

Thanks to GPS-based, live satellite tracking, you can continuously monitor the position of your motor vehicles. The system features accurate positioning and is easy to use. Map display, and customizable services.

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Route registry

The route registry system is a part of GPS tracking, and makes it easier to control vehicles, avoids unnecessary costs due to private use, and the routes travelled by each vehicle can be displayed like a video.

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iTrack Vizsla

Automated search engine that detects possible errors and suspicious cases, such as abuse. The system lists any deviations, and notifies you in either e-mail or in SMS so that you can react at once.

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Fuel control

Our accurate fuel monitoring system checks fuel consumption with a 1% error margin, preventing and detecting any possible fuel theft, and you can monitor refueling, too.

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iTrack Live Vizsla

The idea behind our iTrack Live Vizsla service is that our system monitors incoming data 24 hours a day, and notifies you either in e-mail or in SMS if any kind of event occurs.

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Theft protection

The iTrack GPS theft protection system helps prevent vehicle theft. Driver identification, immobilizer, engine blocking, monitoring capability.

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Goods protection and temperature

You can rest assured that the goods transported are safe, be it valuable cargo or frozen meat; the iTrack GPS Tracking System helps to clearly monitor the route and status of the cargo.

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Fuel low alarm

You can receive an immediate notification if abnormal fuel consumption is detected, enabling the prevention of abuse, but also helping in revealing technical issues.

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Messaging terminal

The messaging terminal allows to significantly reduce the communication costs of international routes. Searchable, followable messages, simple interface, up to 90% savings.

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Automatic report generation

With the iTrack GPS Tracking System, even complex reports can be created based on any measured data, at the push of a button.