Women’s Day

Women’s Day
2017-03-08 Szaladják Linda

It is great to be a woman

Still, many women who are in a difficult situation and raising their children alone have so many problems day by day that it is very hard if not impossible for them to experience what it means to be a woman.

They are women who are working hard for a better life and alway put themselves behind while doing so.  They are women who never get any compliment or care or attention.

For years now, iData Kft. has been supporting disadvantaged mothers living at the Lea Mothers Home.

On Mothers’ Day this year, we wanted to pay tribute to these brave women, and give them something that brings joy to any woman. So we surprised them with a cosmetic package and some flowers.

Even though a bottle of perfume cannot solve their day-to-day problems, we wanted to make them feel that they are important also as women and that we have the greatest respect for them!

The grateful eyes and the cheerful smiles confirmed that to help someone is the best feeling! We consider it our social responsibility to support those in difficult situations.