Young Leader of the Year – András Szabó

Young Leader of the Year – András Szabó
2015-11-24 iData admin

The strategic leader of iData Kft. has become Young Leader of the Year 2015

Executives could apply for the Young Leader of the Year award for the first time this year. The main prize was awarded to András Szabó, owner and director of corporate development of iData Kft.

The competition was announced by the Coaching Team, in line with their Academy for Young Leaders mission.

András has been participating in the management of iData Kft. since the foundation of the company, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. After doing operational work for a few years, he has worked in every management position at the company, therefore he has a full overview of the processes of iData Kft. and can manage strategic tasks in a coordinated way.

“What qualifies you as a leader are not your own actions, but rather the effectiveness of your team, and I am proud of my successful team. During the last ten years, we managed to fill the senior positions with people more qualified than me, and our job as leaders is to remove all the obstacles and let our most talented employees do their job, since, after all, the company is about people. Without them it would be nothing more than a legal category.”, said András Szabó at the awards ceremony on 24 November.
András is extremely proud of the company’s outstanding results in GPS tracking. “As a small enterprise, iData Kft. has already managed to transform the market with its Full Fuel Control product and Vizsla technology which is truly valuable to our clients. In parallel with the company’s growth, developments have become more and more frequent.”
Fifty applications were submitted for the Young Leader of the Year award, and the professional jury personally auditioned those young leaders who sent the 7 best presentations. Then they decided who the most deserving applicant for the Young Leader of the Year award was.
The jury was convinced by the ongoing story of András Szabó, including the everyday application of the principles which make a true leader.
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